Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Film Philosophy

I've had time to do some Wikipedia searches today. It's interesting... Most methods and approaches to film theory come from philisophical views... And most of them are from philosophers who didn't embrace any sort of Christian worldview...

It got me thinking... What would a type of film theory based off of Christian philosophy look like? What would a film look like that structurally shares the same basic views as Christianity? I'm not talking about characters and messages for the story... I mean how would it affect the editing? Lighting? Shot composition? Shot selection?

In theory, every part of a film would be impacted by Christian thought... To give an example of what I mean... A film noir is basically about the meaninglessness of existence... What about a type of film that celebrates meaning and seeks to define it?

It's not exactly something many Christians have thought about... But never fear! I, your neighborhood friendly Film Theorist am here to get such laboring thoughts off your mind and allow you to sleep at night! (I guess I've listened to way too much Rush Limbaugh in my life!)


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